Thursday, December 25, 2008


Good news!!! We are having our year end sales to clear all the stocks and get more new stocks in. Don't miss the chance to grab something that you like it!! Crazy price slash!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Featured again!!!

Thanks for featured us!!! Millions and billions thanks...








Saturday, November 29, 2008

A016 - Kimono style top

Love the bright pink colour with a lil of kimono style. The material is so soft make you feel very comfortable. Suitable for any outing or colleges. Grab it now!!

Item code : A016
Price : RM35 (NOW : RM26)
Size : Free size 
Colour : Dark Pink (Sold)
Material : Extra stretchable lycra

A015 - Smart and formal

Need another formal wear? This top is suitable for formal or even casual wear if you wear other inner with the vest. It looks so perfect.

Item code : A015
Price : RM40 (NOW : RM35)
Size : Free size
Colour : Inner - White, Outer - Denim blue (sold)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Love the red colour and diamond around the watch? It looks so cool and beautiful. Just like another Guess design but this is not Guess, dun misunderstand ya. =p

Item code : E003
Price : RM 49
Colour : Red


Which girl doesn't love to be loved? Here is another love shape earring that look so lovely and beautiful.  It is simple yet elegant to wear with any clothes.

Item code : E002
Price : RM10


Love the circles of the earring? Make it looks so lovely and elegant. Suitable for any outing or dinner for ladies. 

Item code : E001
Price : RM10

Saturday, November 22, 2008

3 Features in A Day!!!

3 features in one day!!! This is the happiest thing ever happen since the opening of the boutique. Millions n' billions thanks to


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The Luxurious Fashionista!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Featured in Dirty Stiletto!!

Our first feature of the week!!! It's all about shoes. Thanks a lot to 

Dirty Stiletto


OMG!!! Here is another blogspot. I guess it is just a trend. Gals, aren't you feel relaxing and simple because with just a few clicks den you may find something that you like.

So, here we are to bring you something fashionable yet affordable for you. So, just sit back and play with your mouse and stare at your lovely pc or laptop. 

Oops!! Before I forget, there is a PROMOTION for the opening. Every customers who purchase 2 items and above will get 10% discount ya.(until 25.11.08) 

Enjoy shopping!!

Wear N' Tear

A001 - Sexy off shoulder dress

Did you notice that Fish Leong has a similar dress with this here? Yea, it is similar or I can say is the same. This sexy dress let you show your sexy shoulder and body shape while not too revealing. Suitable for normal outing or clubbing. So what are you waiting for?

Item code : A001
Price : RM50 (NOW:RM35)
Size : Free size 
Colour : Purple, Blue
Material : Cotton

A002- Halter floral dress

Bored of plain halter dress? Here come a floral halter dress to show your sexy back. The colour of pink flowers and autumn leaves give you a new and refresh look. With the soft and silky material make you feel more comfortable

Item code : A002
Price : RM 40 (NOW:rm31)
Size : Free Size 
Material : Extra soft lycra
Colour : Pink flora , Yellow autumn leave(sold)

A003- The 'V' Dress

Need a dress to show off your sexy back and front but not too revealing. Here is the dress that let you do so. Lovely and pretty print to choose from. Can make it as a long top for tall girls as well. It can be wear as kimono oso. So wear it as you like!!!

Item code : A003
Price : RM 40 (NOW : RM29)
Size : Free size
Material : Stretchable soft lycra
Colour : Pink flora, Yellow autumn leave(Sold), Black and white print(Sold)

A004-Racerback Print Dress

You always see a racerback tee but have you come across with racerback dress? Here is a unique and special dress that make you more appealing. The lovely and sharp colours make you look different from the others.

Item code : A004
Price : RM 45 (NOW : RM32)
Size : Free size
Material : Stretchable soft lycra
Colour : Blue, Pink(sold), Yellow, Purple(sold)

A005 - V-neck Print Top

Sick of plain V-neck tee? Get a printed V-neck tee that can show off your body curve and definitely makes you look more mature and feminine. Suitable for work or outing or even go clubbing without too revealing. So what you are waiting for?

Item code : A005
Price : RM36 (NOW :RM25)
Size : Free size
Material : Extra soft and stretchable lycra
Colour : Floral blue , black and white print